Donatella Gallo garments are made by the skilled hands of our seamstresses with the finest fabrics and laces. Dresses of extraordinary manufacture, modeled on your forms to enhance and accompany them is a pleasure that we want to offer to each of you. Abiti unici che esaltano l’eleganza e la bellezza femminile.


Professionals of the sector motivated, ambitious and passionate. For years we have cultivated with deep responsibility our love for Italian high fashion creating exclusive, elegant and refined clothes

The entire process, from research to design and production of Donatella Gallo dresses, is made entirely in Italy to ensure the highest quality of the product, in line with Italian excellence.

From the design to the last quality control, we are committed to making each piece as exclusive, with a high handcraft value. We love to combine our passion for Made in Italy with the value of tailoring. 

Dresses that can tell in every detail the desires and emotions of the wearer.

Every single dress is a masterpiece in itself; it is the way in which our idea of fashion is represented. The exclusivity that we want to offer to every lucky woman who wears our clothes, lies in the ability to show off a refined look and, above all, inimitable in the most important day of his life.

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